2022: A Year In Review

2022 was a very exciting year for AccessE11™. With it we have seen steady growth in customers, emergence into new markets, and new product functionality such as our public citizen portal. This has helped cement AccessE11 as a trusted and powerful issue management and citizen engagement solution for municipalities across North America.

Continuing Growth Year Over Year

AccessE11 has seen continued growth throughout the year, with a 32% increase in municipal customers over 2021. This means that 32% more municipalities are experiencing the incredible cost savings and improved resident satisfaction that AccessE11 provides. Much of this growth can be attributed to the many improvements and new features added to the system over the last year that have kept customers satisfied and excited about the product. 
Not only has the customer base grown larger from 2021. The AccessE11 team has also grown to its largest point since its inception. The result is more people are focused on providing a fantastic product. You can be more confident than ever in knowing that your needs and concerns as a municipality are being taken care of by more people than ever.

Expansion Across North America

2021 saw the very beginnings of AccessE11 becoming an international product. With 2022, we continued that trend in a big way. You can now find AccessE11 throughout the United States. Municipalities from New York to Florida and Massachusetts to California have adopted the system. As AccessE11 continues to expand its reach across the United States, more staff and citizens than ever before are understanding the difference that an effective municipal software can make on a community.

New Feature - Public Citizen Portal

Among the many enhancements introduced in the past year, the public citizen portal is particularly exciting. The public portal allows citizens to see the issues that they submit personally, along with any issues submitted by other residents in their community. This level of insight into the concerns of neighbors not only gives residents more understanding as to what is occurring in their community, it also reduces duplicate issue reporting to improve efficiency. Also, it is a great way to inform the community of the work being done by their local government. Several AccessE11 customers saw value in this new feature and signed on to include it as part of their services.

Highest Rated Municipal Software

Again in 2022, AccessE11 was honored to be the number 1 rated municipal software in our category on G2. This was achieved by providing a solution that meets all the needs of our customers, while still being incredibly easy to use for staff at any level. Customers also appreciate our dedication to providing continued support and updates throughout the year, while constantly innovating and remaining best in class. You can check out our reviews here.

Sharing Our Knowledge With Others

The AccessE11 team offers a lot more than great software. We have years of experience working alongside municipal leaders and staff. Consequently, we achieved a level of knowledge and understanding about the industry that can only be earned through constant engagement with people like you.

Throughout the year, we used our expertise to share knowledge, insights and best practices regarding the types of problems that AccessE11 targets. Hundreds of municipal leaders throughout the year have visited our regular webinars. These webinars helped provide leaders with a stronger understanding of how they can take their municipalities to the next level.

An example of this is the Hastings Highlands case study webinar. Members of the Hastings Highlands community came in and discussed how having a solution for their issue management took their municipality from tracking a few dozen issues in a year, to thousands. Their success with AccessE11 has resulted in a stronger community, more satisfied residents, and a happier work force as well.

What's Next?

2023 is on track to be the strongest year yet. This year we want to push the company and brand to new heights. On track for this year is a major feature addition. This feature provides incredible new functionality and upgrades which focus heavily on citizen engagement and outreach. Combining this new feature with current engagement features, such as the public citizen portal, will allow municipalities to stay connected with residents better than ever. We also are looking to provide a larger variety of webinar topics throughout the year. Our goal is to spread more information to leaders and staff members in the municipal space. With conferences going back to normal, we can’t wait to spend some time with you all throughout the coming year. Have a fantastic 2023.

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