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Trends & Information for Local Government

Transforming Citizen Feedback into Actionable Insights

Embrace technology, ensuring your municipalities approach to citizen feedback are able of adapt to the evolving needs of your residents.

Smart Governance: Leveraging Data for Better Municipal Management

In the dynamic landscape of urban management, the advent of data-driven decision-making stands as a revolutionary tool for municipalities.

2023 – A Year In Review

Our 2023 municipal year in review marks an evolution in Govtech, with AI and smart city advancements reshaping operations and engagement.

Navigating the Surge in Citizen Records Requests: A Guide for Municipalities

Citizen records requests are increasingly complex. Modern solutions automate workflows, digitize records, & optimize resources for efficiency

How User-Friendly Online Services Drive Citizen Satisfaction

Citizen satisfaction serves as a barometer for effective governance. Satisfied citizens are more likely to engage with their community.

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