Code Enforcement

Transform Your Code Enforcement Process with Powerful Municipal Software

Manage any request and ensure fast, effective resolution of issues across the entire department

An affordable municipal code enforcement software solution to improve efficiency and visibility

Efficiency means doing more with less. AccessE11 is a powerful software solution that allows every department to provide the best possible service to the community, all while staying within budget.

Streamline your department

At AccessE11, we understand that each department has unique needs, and that truly useful software needs to accommodate these. In order to help your department run as efficiently as possible, the municipal code enforcement software includes the tools needed to automate and optimize your department’s processes. Also included are management tools to automatically translate citizen requests into quantifiable actions.

For each issue type, customizable templates ensure proper data is being captured and sent with every interaction. As a result, staff workloads are easily balanced with automated staff queuing and assignment for a variety of issue types. Plus, with the ability to define custom fields for service requests, meaningful status values, SLAs and more, every aspect of AccessE11 will be speaking your language.


Utilize photo updates to provide the most important information

Being able to update while out in the field is one of the most effective ways to increase efficiencies within your department. Instead, AccessE11 takes it a step further. With the mobile app, field workers can create photo updates for any service requests they’re working on.

Being able to update a service request with photos saves the field worker the task of describing everything. It also lets office staff see what they see. The result is a more clear insight into all the cases being worked on.

“Great Solution for Municipalities”

Access E11 is a simple, intuitive software that is easy for all staff to learn and use. Compared to other solutions, AccessE11 is affordable and the support is excellent.

Jason L - Business Systems Analyst


Untether from the Office

One of the biggest losses in an efficient department is the constant back and forth of your field staff. When their assignments are completed, staff must head back to the office to get their next assignments. Updates are also intermittent, leaving everyone in the dark on progress of issues.

Because of these issues, the team at AccessE11 designed an easy to use app that works on any device. Anywhere. Anytime. Even with no cell signal, the system automatically updates as soon as they hit coverage again. The system also includes robust, role-based permissions to ensure platform suitability where contractors are involved in service delivery. Having this level of constant communication keeps updates flowing freely. It also allows field staff to better plan their day. As a result, more requests are closed, and you create happier citizens in your community.

Maximize efficiency with real-time system integrations

In many cases, maximizing a department’s efficiency requires integration to eliminate duplicate data entry and the need to swivel-chair between systems.

With this in mind, AccessE11 is designed to remove any barriers to making this possible. The platform offers an open APIs for flexible, real time integrations with any existing software that your department uses. In addition, there are pre-built integrations to ESRI ArcGIS, and other commonly used 3rd party systems to get started quickly.

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