Deliver The Customer Service That Citizens Deserve and Expect

Choose a platform that will delight your customer service staff, while keeping your citizens at the forefront when handling service requests


Elevated Customer Service at Lower Cost

AccessE11 makes it easy to have both. Better service with the convenience of 24/7 access from anywhere, and citizens that are kept fully engaged and informed when concerns are raised. Lower cost through fully automated processes that result in a far more productive and satisfied workforce, shorter turnaround times, and reduced backlogs.

Communication Options That Meet The Needs Of All Citizens

For local governments of any size, online service availability is no longer a nice to have. Citizens expect to engage with their local governments as they would when dealing with private businesses. Specifically from where they want and when they want. AccessE11 is a municipal citizen request software solution which helps to meet this demand.



On-line web forms support issue intake, and citizens can check the status and provide additional information on issues they raise personally –  greatly reducing call volumes. A separate public portal also provides visibility to all or select issues being worked by the municipality, offering communication on successes and reducing multiple reports of the same issue. Built for fixed and mobile devices, these portals can be quickly tailored to your needs and linked to your main web site.


No More Issues Falling Through The Cracks

AccessE11 makes it simple to coordinate ownership of reported issues, and to avoid the lengthy delays or lack of follow-up that can result from multiple information sources and manual processes.

This starts with default assignees for each issue type, and the option for managed queues to balance workloads. Automated routing and staff notification then follows, along with communication to the citizen on how to track progress. And for daily work, all staff and managers have clear visibility of work priorities, follow-up and due dates, and optional reminder notifications to keep things on track.


“I would highly recommend using this software. Everyone needs this program in customer service. From input, dispatch, tracking to reporting–it is a complete package to address customer service needs.”


Administrative/ Community Services Coordinator

Immediate Visibility Of Issue Status And History

Customer service calls involving multiple hand-offs, incomplete information and the need for callbacks are common. The result – frustration for both the caller and the individual trying to help them. And the more fragmented the information pipeline, the more likely this will be the outcome.

AccessE11 solves this problem by providing a consolidated and up-to-date information source for all issue types. For any customer service call, this offers single-click access to issue status and progress, all related internal and external communications, and planned follow-up and resolution dates. All leading to shorter and simpler interactions, and higher satisfaction for all parties involved.

Predictable And Measurable Service Delivery

Ultimately everyone benefits when communities are more engaged and livable, and this will be elusive if citizens do not feel well served by their local government. Setting expectations and delivering on them, and keeping people informed are critical. As is a means to measure and understand how well things are working in order to improve. The best way to realize these benefits is a purpose-built citizen request management solution.



With AccessE11 it is simple to establish service targets by issue type, and to report against these. Automated notification to citizens when issues are raised support options to communicate next steps and due date. And additional notifications and self-service provide ongoing visibility through resolution.

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