Township of South Stormont

South Stormont is a township in eastern Ontario, in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry with a population of 13,110.

Like many Canadian municipalities they were managing citizen issues using phone calls, email, spreadsheets, good old fashion notepads and the occasional post-it!   They were looking to be more efficient internally and more responsive publicly.

They had a few requirements on their wish list.

  • Affordable and easy to implement
  • Easy to use day-to-day
  • Visibility for senior staff
  • Ability for staff to work remotely

AccessE11 checked all the boxes.

With the introduction of AccessE11, South Stormont is now creating new cases quickly when a citizen contacts them with an issue or service request.  The case is automatically assigned to the appropriate staff member or department and the citizen is notified via email with a reference number and assurance that South Stormont is working on their issue. When the case is resolved, the citizen is also notified, leading to happy and engaged residents.

Mobile App requirement for field staff

With the AccessE11 mobile app, staff deal with issues while out in the community, even if network coverage is patchy and they don’t have data access. This has proven to be of huge benefit to the Public Works team who can now keep their entire team up to date on all cases without needing to go back into the office.

Simplified reporting with GIS Mapping

South Stormont has embraced the AccessE11 solution and use it to communicate internally with ease.  They love the mapping feature and are happy knowing that when council or one of their departments would like information on a specific issue or category they can easily generate a report for them. Gone are the days of looking through lengthy email chains and searching through pages in a notepad for information.

South Stormont and AccessE11 – getting the job done!

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