Tamalpais Community Services District, CA

Tamalpais Valley is located in southern Marin County, about 10 minutes north of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. TCSD provides municipal services to households in Tam Valley. These services include sewage management, refuse collection, recycling, management of community parks, and putting on a wide variety of recreation and community events and classes through the park & rec department.


Getting Started

Like many municipalities, TCSD realized they were underserving their citizens by not having a robust technological infrastructure to help meet their service request needs.  TCSD introduced AccessE11 as a technological fix to respond to community concerns and improve the city’s response to requests.  They began with their Waste Management Team; using the platform to respond to issues ranging from missed pick-ups to requests for additional collection carts. With AccessE11 the waste management team was able to receive all their service requests quickly through the AccessE11 mobile app.


The team found AccessE11 easy to implement and easy to adopt, even for staff who are less tech-savvy; its intuitive user interface was a welcome addition.


Customizing AccessE11

TCSD has been able to customize the categories that are relevant to their needs. While local governments share many of the same goals and responsibilities, they often have their own unique way of achieving those goals. The ability to customize everything – the categories they use to keep track of the issues, the intake templates to make sure all relevant information is captured on first contact, to the emails sent to both staff and citizens – allows them to make the platform work for them in the best possible way.


AccessE11 has streamlined the request process and increased efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Efficiency was improved due to a better organizational handle for tracking community requests. With improved efficiency, the city has been able to improve service to the citizens they serve while reducing labor costs.


Accessible from anywhere – allowing for staff to work remotely

AccessE11 allows staff to log in from anywhere. With the pandemic, we have all had to restructure how we work daily. AccessE11 has allowed the staff members to keep up to date on the issues regardless of where they are physically located. The staff has been able to easily adapt and still be made aware of any changes to the issues they are responsible for with automated notifications provided by the platform when modifications are made.


What’s next?

With the success of AccessE11 and the waste management team, TCSD has started to use the platform for additional departments – Sanitation, Parks & Rec, and Facilities. We are excited to see them continue their success with AccessE11!


“Easy to implement, easy to use, easy to recommend.” Cyndie Martel, Tamalpais Community Services District Office Manager/District Clerk

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