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Customer Use Cases

Discover how others are using the local government software, as well as the benefits that are being realized.

Hasting Highlands is a Township located in the Northernmost portion of Hastings County. It has a base population of roughly 4000 residents, and this grows to exceed 10,000 during cottage season...
South Stormont is a township in eastern Ontario with a population of 13,110.Like many Canadian municipalities they were managing citizen issues using phone calls, email, spreadsheets...
Amherst is the largest town in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. Based on an internal process review, they recognized a need to better track and understand the types of issues the municipality was...
The City Of Corner Book, NL was looking for a solution to improve their citizen issue tracking, while providing their 31,917+ residents with better services. The system they had in place was not meeting their needs...
In 2019 Meaford created a Strategic Priorities Plan including the implementation of a Citizen Service Request Management System like many municipalities, Meaford was having difficulty keeping track of the...
Tamalpais valley is located in southern Marin County, about 10 minutes north of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Like many municipalities, TCSD realized they were underserving their citizens by not having a robust...

Who else is using AccessE11

AccessE11 is being used daily by municipalities, and local governments to manage their interactions with citizens.

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