Adopt Municipal Software that is Tailored to the Needs of Your Department

AccessE11 provides a customizable system that can accommodate the unique needs of any department


An Affordable Solution to Improve Efficiency and Visibility

Efficiency means doing more with less. AccessE11 is a powerful municipal management software solution that allows every department to provide the best possible service to the community, all while staying within budget.

Streamline Your Department

At AccessE11, we understand that each department has unique needs, and that truly useful software needs to accommodate these. To help your department run as efficiently as possible, the municipal management software includes the means needed to automate and optimize your department’s processes. It also includes tools to automatically translate citizen requests into appropriate actions.



For each issue type, customizable templates ensure proper data is being captured and sent with every interaction. Staff workloads are easily balanced with automated staff queuing and assignment for a variety of issue types. Additionally, you gain the ability to define custom fields for service requests, meaningful status values, SLAs and more. Every aspect of AccessE11 will be speaking your language.


Reduce the Burden of Reporting to Stakeholders

Department heads have numerous stakeholders to answer to including city council, senior management, other departments, and community residents. Reporting to these stakeholders is an important task. However, pulling together the required information can be time consuming or, worse, impossible to complete accurately.


For this reason, AccessE11 provides a wealth of flexible, single-click reports that can be run on demand or scheduled for recurring delivery to anyone. And because AccessE11 is a centralized system, all information is in up to date and in one place. Consequently – less time wasted searching through multiple sources for the data you need.


“The fact that I was able to customize this program myself and make it relevant to our agency’s work is a testament to how easy it is to use. The fact that our solid waste, sanitation and park and recreation crews were able to use it with ease after training proves to me that AccessE11’s program is intuitive, their training is meaningful and for those times I had questions, their support staff was responsive.”


Office Manager/District Clerk

Create a Flexible, Satisfied, and Motivated Team

In our increasingly digital world, flexible work arrangements are now a key consideration for creating a workforce that feels like you have their back. Whether for staff working from home, or field staff using the AccessE11 mobile app, flexibility fosters a team that is not only more satisfied, but also more productive.



Being that AccessE11 is a fully cloud based system, it is securely accessible wherever internet is available. In addition, with the mobile app, field staff can learn of new assignment details and post updates in real-time without time wasted commuting to and from an office. Robust, role-based permissions also ensure platform suitability for all parties, including contractors that are involved in service delivery.

Maximize Efficiency with Real-Time System Integrations

In many cases, maximizing a department’s efficiency requires integration to eliminate duplicate data entry and the need to swivel-chair between systems.


With this in mind, AccessE11 is designed to eliminate any barriers to making this possible. The platform offers open APIs for flexible, real time integrations with any existing software that your department uses. Additionally, there are pre-built integrations to ESRI ArcGIS, and other commonly used 3rd party systems to get started quickly.

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