Customer Use Cases

Learn about how our customers are using the system and the benefits they achieve through its use.


“Great out of the box solution”

We have been using the software for almost a year and the support has been fantastic.

Heather W - Executive Assistant to the Mayor

“AccessE11 Has Checked All of the Boxes for a Complaint Management System”

The Town of Arnprior has been using the Access E11 System for a brief period, and are very happy with the system and company overall. The staff are friendly and responsive. From the initial set-up, to the rollout, and now implementation of the AccessE11 platform, the process was seamless.

Kaila Z - Deputy Clerk
Town of Arnprior

“Making the Case for Access E11”

The team at Access E11 stood out amongst the crowd by going above and beyond to make the transition and implementation painless and efficient.

Jason L - Business Systems Analyst

“Excellent Cloud Based Customer Service Platform”

Our service response is greatly improved and more efficient with the ease of access for end users. Instead of calling in, leaving messages, having to wait for a call back for details, it is a one-stop-shop. Applicants input details and the appropriate department responds.

Kim H - Administrative/ Community Services Coordinator

“Overall very happy and glad they found us!”

If you’re looking for a tool to track work requests, easily manage, easy to setup, capture service data, and that has the right innovations to make sure your organizations looks good and is responsive, I would not hesitate to jump with AccessE11. Has really worked well for us.

Shawn M - Interim Chief Administrative Officer

“Easy to Use, Easy to Customize, Easy to Recommend”

The fact that I was able to customize this program myself and make it relevant to our agency’s work is a testament to how easy it is to use.

Cyndie M - Office Manager/District Clerk

“I genuinely don’t know what the Municipality would have done if we had not implemented AccessE11 before the COVID emergency.”

We’re delighted with the functionality that the system has, and how much it has improved our ability to track and monitor customer service responses, as well as develop internal workflows.

Matt S - Clerk / Director of Community Services
Municipality of Meaford

“Great platform and awesome service!”

AccessE11 is really beautiful and easy to review really quickly. The reports are easy for directors to use, and the intake is easy for our front line staff to fill out!

Jennifer W - Deputy Town Clerk

Who else is using AccessE11

AccessE11 is being used daily by municipalities, and local governments to manage their interactions with citizens.