Customer Use Cases

Learn about how our customers are using the system and the benefits they achieve through its use.


With an easy to use dashboard for tracking cases, we are now populating data for the development of work plans and budgets and easily identifying and reporting on customer issues.  The system is both cost-effective and easy to set up.  Support from the team at Access E11 has been impressive and very responsive.

John Skorobohacz, CAO

In case you aren’t familiar with AccessE11, they are a Citizen Issue Management software company whose products are designed for local government. In a nutshell, the software is a customer relationship management framework that helps your organization receive and more effectively resolve citizen concerns.
As you are aware, the citizen engagement software channel is densely populated with complex and costly solutions that are beyond the financial reach of many small Municipalities. AccessE11 is extremely easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure and can even interface with ESRI products.  I would encourage you to check out AccessE11 and find out what many municipal customers have already; they don’t know how they lived without it.

Randy Watson, Principal Consultant

With AccessE11 everything continues to go smoothly- people got trained up quickly and use it … because it is so darned easy.

Jennifer West, Administrative Assistant and Special Projects

AccessE11 is so  easy use, my staff needed only 15 minutes of training to get started. My public works department loves the mobile application.  AccessE11 is a time saver and is more powerful than you would expect from a package that is so inexpensive.

Marc Chenier, CAO

Great software with easy navigation and great reporting features that allow us to better understand issues our community is having.

Ben de Haan, Director of Transportation and Planning Services
Municipality of Meaford

The Municipality of Meaford has been using AccessE11 since late 2019. We’re delighted with the functionality that the system has, and how much it has improved our ability to track and monitor customer service responses, as well as develop internal workflows. Implementation was very simple, and the AE11 team are incredibly easy to deal with and very responsive to any queries. I genuinely don’t know what the Municipality would have done if we had not implemented AccessE11 before the COVID emergency.
Matt Smith
South Stormont Logo

Municipality of South Stormont’s view on AccessE11: Intuitive, easy to use, great support, fantastic on-boarding staff, excellent knowledge base.
We use it daily to receive, resolve and report on issues that are of concern to the residents we serve.
We love how easy it is to customize to meet our municipalities specific needs.
The mobile app allows our multiple Departments and field staff to manage cases in real time and on the go, saving time for staff to manage and report on issues, translates into real savings for the municipality.
Visibility into the issues relevant to our residents allows us to make decisions that will truly benefit our community.
Rox-anne Hendrie
SDG Counties logo

As an application integrator, it is my job to work with software vendors from all over the world on all kinds of tasks with various requirements. The team at Access E11 stood out amongst this crowd by going above and beyond to make the transition and implementation painless and efficient. If you are looking for a vendor that acts more like a partner, Access E11 is a great choice.

Jason Lavigne

Who else is using AccessE11

AccessE11 is being used daily by municipalities, and local governments to manage their interactions with citizens.