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Effective Governance Begins with Understanding

As an elected official, it’s important to have insight into all the different aspects of your municipality. Constituent concerns must be addressed, budgets must be justified, and confidence in effective municipal operations is needed. AccessE11 provides insight into all of these with a clear, simple to understand interface centralized for citizens, staff and council.

Informed and Meaningful Engagement

Your constituents are real people with real opinions and concerns. Therefore, having a robust constituent engagement solution is critical. AccessE11 captures extensive and vital information about the citizens you serve. This information is then stored in one place for easy retrieval. In addition, the software includes flexible tagging to categorize your constituents based on activities, issues, interests and much more. In addition, information is updated dynamically with every interaction, ensuring subsequent engagements are always on target.

AccessE11 also includes a set of powerful tools to help you use data to boost your engagement efforts with constituents, volunteers, and supporters. Using the platform, you can quickly create lists of people who share similar characteristics. From there, you can reach out to them with specific communications and target your messages to maximize outreach efforts. Once a communication is ready to go, integrated bulk outreach features are available to efficiently deliver it to the intended audience. 


Reliable and Responsive Service Delivery

Residents want to be heard and understand what to expect in return. Whether that be for issues raised to council members, or service requests involving local government operations. They also want options for how and when they communicate, and visibility into progress being made in the things they care about. As a result, AccessE11’s case management module was developed precisely for these reasons.

With AccessE11, issue intake using online and email channels is fully automated along with assignment to the right staff and communication back to the concerned citizen.  Also, the citizen experience remains consistent regardless of issue type or the department and staff responsible for follow-up. With all data in one place and rich dashboarding of all issues being worked on, it is easy to view performance against service delivery targets and to understand areas of concern.


“AccessE11 is a great, fully customizable customer service solution. We have been using the software for almost a year and the support has been fantastic. On the rare occasion when we have run into issues, a quick email to the support team and everything is resolved within a few hours.”


Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Evidence Based Decisions

As an elected official, important decisions with significant impact and broad visibility are a daily occurrence. However, you don’t need to rely on instinct alone. Whether you are cost-justifying investments in services, staff or assets or allocating spending where it is most needed, AccessE11 makes it simple. CAOs, Town Managers or departmental staff can produce consolidated reports on all citizen requests and operational issues on demand to inform your decisions.  In addition, you can automatically generate and electronically deliver reports on a recurring basis whenever you or your stakeholders require up to date information. With a constituent engagement solution like AccessE11, you can make decisions with confidence using hard data in real time. Above all, be confident knowing that the most pressing concerns for your citizens receive the attention they need.

Built for Small and Medium Sized Communities

AccessE11™ is a constituent engagement software that was created with one goal in mind. To help small and medium sized municipalities streamline service request management, in a way that is both achievable and affordable. It is a platform that is very easy to adopt, adapt and extend as needs evolve. AccessE11 also unifies processes and visibility across multiple departments, ensuring full documentation of every single request. The team has worked with small and medium municipalities for years and appreciates the unique needs and restrictions that come with being a smaller community. Using this experience, we bridge the gap between citizens, municipal operations, and council by combining technology with a proven path to success.  

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