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A Unique Blend of Case Work, CRM and Engagement

Simply put, AccessE11™ was created as a 311 software alternative designed for small to medium municipalities. Created to effectively bridge the gaps that exist between citizens as stakeholders and consumers of local government services, and the municipal departments and staff involved in their delivery. It offers the tools that are needed to hear, understand and provide citizen issue management, while also being proactive about sharing information with them.

The AccessE11 System

Case Work – including multiple channels to effectively listen to requests from residents, to uniquely automate the handling of these in a way that is right for each issue type, and to keep residents informed as things progress.


CRM – tools to capture extensive and important information about the residents of your community including historical conversations, interests, contact preferences and more. This allows for better outcomes for all citizen interactions and are essential to providing the best possible service to the public.


Engagement – meaning extensive capabilities to efficiently deliver important information for residents proactively. This may take the form of a bulk email or SMS message to all residents or, by leveraging AccessE11’s powerful segmentation tools, only to residents with a shared interest or need to know.

Simple Citizen Access

For local governments of any size, online service availability is no longer a nice to have. Citizens expect to engage with their local governments as they would when dealing with private businesses – meaning from where they want and when they want. AccessE11 is a 311 software alternative that provide several citizen issue management options to meet this demand.

Web Form

Create an easy to use option for citizens to submit service requests right on your municipalities home page.

Private Portal

Citizens can check the status for the issues they raise personally, and provide additional information to streamline resolution.

Public Portal

Public visibility to all or select issues, to communicate status and success and reduce duplicate reporting.


Built for any device, citizens can submit and monitor issue requests with ease. Residents gain full access without the need to sign on, remember passwords, or set up an account.

Multi-Channel Intake

To support customer service that aligns with individual citizen’s preferences, AccessE11 can receive issues through several channels. With AccessE11, receiving a service request creation is zero-touch for email or webforms, and is a simple process for staff if the interaction is in person or on the phone; Clerks or Service Representatives can easily enter details of any issue with a few keystrokes.

Simple for Staff

When a citizen’s concern is managed with AccessE11, office and field staff have a central, shared environment to manage the citizen issues assigned to them. For every issue type, automation is available for appropriate staff assignment, notifications to staff and citizens, setting service targets, measuring performance and more. This further extends to field staff who are always kept in the loop using AccessE11’s mobile app.

A Powerful and Intuitive Cloud-based Application

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Mobile App for Field Staff

  • Access assigned issues, update statues, add notes and pictures from anywhere
  • Cases geo-located for easier lookup and crew dispatch
  • Full ‘offline’ mode to keep working without data network access
  • Automatic sync when back online to centrally update all information

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Powerful Reporting

AccessE11 provides rich service tracking dashboards and reporting functions. These offer stakeholders simple-to-understand information on service volumes and service response times broken down by department/issue type, along with the data to enable evidence-based decision making by senior management or town council.

Custom Reports

Custom reporting is as simple as filtering the dashboard to consider only cases of interest. A full report can then be generated with a single click.

Built In Reports

A series of built-in standard reports available in formatted excel format for easy reading, or CSV for importing into other systems or further analysis.

Easy Distribution

All reports are suitable for electronic distribution, including on a scheduled, recurring basis to ensure up-to-date information gets delivered automatically.

Open API's and Integrations

Although AccessE11 comes with everything needed to get up and running quickly, opportunities to drive even greater efficiencies often surface. These generally involve two-way integration between AccessE11 and other systems to eliminate manual steps and the potential for human error.


AccessE11 offers optional pre-built integrations for ESRI ArcGIS and other third-party commonly used systems. And for scenarios we haven’t yet considered, configurable webhooks and robust RESTful APIs are available. Supported by a team with deep integration experience, there is no limit to what can be done.

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