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Fully hosted and designed for local governments, AccessE11 makes it easy to streamline citizen issue handling


Simple to Adopt - Simple to Adapt - Simple to Manage.

At AccessE11, countless hours were invested in creating a secure complaint management software platform that is aligned with the requirements of small to medium sized municipalities – one that is easy to get started with, to self-manage, and to evolve as needs change over time. The platform is fully cloud-based with no hardware or software to install, meaning no upfront capital outlay. Onboarding is easy and quick. For customer administrators, built-in tools are available to tailor the solution for the specific needs of the community – through configuration and not coding. And best of all, AccessE11 is surprisingly affordable.

Concerned About Security and Privacy? AccessE11 Has Your Back

In a world where cyber threats are an unwelcome reality, numerous municipalities trust AccessE11 with safeguarding their information, and ensuring the privacy of the citizens they serve. We take this responsibility seriously and factor it in to every decision we make.

For starters, AccessE11 is securely hosted in AWS with safeguards in place to prevent DDoS attacks and other common intrusions. Password policies, multi-factor authentication, and account locking after multiple failed attempts all support the application’s login security. And following successful logins, robust, role-based permissions ensure that each user will only have access to what they should see.

Equally important, AccessE11 protects the privacy of your citizens with all data encrypted in transit and adherence to AWS best practices for the platform databases. And for the extensive reporting available with the platform, use a single click to auto-redact all personal identifying information (PII) when generating the report to ensure compliance.

Regular and independent verification by 3rd party security and privacy aspects of AccessE11 provides a final level of diligence. This then ensures that the platform remains current as new threats and regulations emerge.


Built With Business Continuity In Mind

Individuals that rely on the services of any third-party are, more than ever, accustomed to uninterrupted access to those services from wherever and whenever they want. Local governments services are no exception.



With this in mind, redundancy is built into every aspect of the cloud infrastructure and the AccessE11 application itself. This assures maximum uptime and, if ever a need, disaster recovery capability. Ongoing and regular back-ups of the system database also guarantee no loss of data. This means there is no unexpected downtime when it comes to receiving and acting on citizen service requests. AccessE11 is a resilient complaint management software that staff and citizens can rely on.


“The team at Access E11 stood out amongst the crowd by going above and beyond to make the transition and implementation painless and efficient.”


Business Systems Analyst

Simple To Bridge The Gap Between Systems

Although AccessE11 comes with everything needed to get up and running quickly, opportunities to drive even greater efficiencies often surface. These generally involve two-way integration between AccessE11 and other systems to eliminate manual steps and the potential for human error.


AccessE11 offers optional pre-built integrations for ESRI ArcGIS and other third-party systems commonly used by municipalities, as well as for Zapier as an integration hub. Also, for any scenario we haven’t yet considered, configurable webhooks and robust RESTful APIs are available. Supported by a team with deep integration experience, there are no limits to what can be done.

The Support Needed To Be Successful

After successful roll-outs with numerous municipalities across North America, the AccessE11 team is ready to help you get going, and to make sure you are well taken care of for years to come.


An AccessE11 engagement includes a time-tested onboarding program that covers separate hands-on training sessions for admins and all system users. Also maintained is a searchable knowledgebase with application guides and FAQs to provide guidance on how to get the most out of the service. And for those times when you need more help, knowledgeable support staff who care deeply about your success handle any tickets submitted online. With AccessE11, you are in good hands.

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