Customer Success Story

City of Midland, ON

Midland is a town located on Georgian Bay in Simcoe County Ontario. It has a population of 16,864 and its population grows to over 100,000 in the summer months.

The challenge

Midland was looking for ways to streamline internal operations and improve service to their residents. Senior staff also wanted to improve their visibility into the issues the municipality were working on.

Midland By-law and Operations (Engineering, Roads, Parks, Harbour) departments were using another platform to manage issues but it wasn’t available to everyone. The existing processes for managing citizen issues required coordination via multiple emails back and forth and only a subset of departments could enter data into the system. In addition, it was difficult to get a clear understanding into who had what responsibilities and they couldn’t see how workload was being distributed among staff members. They were looking for a new approach.

Enter AccessE11

After a short demonstration of the software platform, they quickly understood how they could implement it to track and report on citizens issues.  They decided to implement AccessE11.   As a cloud platform, from order to system availability was less than a day.   With some quick configuration and a couple of hours of user training, they were up and running.

Now staff are all on the same page when it comes to issue management.  Everything is tracked and visible.  Anyone, not just a few select departments, can create a case and assign it, view the current status and make updates as they make progress on the solution.   It connects citizens with the right staff/department more efficiently and ensures issues are resolved and identified more quickly.

Senior staff can log in and view up to date reports without having to chase staff down to keep track of issues.

Midland has a much better idea of overall case volume and clear picture of each person’s workload. They can quickly see if anything requires follow up. With built-in Smart Reports, they use the data from AccessE11 at weekly meetings to inform managers and can now provide updates on cases as they progress.

Looking to further streamline their customer service, Midland implemented our hosted webpage option.  Now, residents are able to visit the website and send service requests, complaints, kudos, notifications of an issue etc…​ through their new self-help customer service portal, “E-service Midland”.

Not just for citizen issues …

Midland was seeing such huge benefits from AccessE11 and managing citizen issues, that they decided to use it internally to manage their IT Support. The IT department had been using a combination of Outlook tasks/reminders for help desk issues and Microsoft Project for more complex tasks.  Could AccessE11 take over managing all of it? Indeed, it could! And has! Midland IT Support are using the platform to auto-create tickets and assign them to the right person. Following up is much easier and they have less back and forth between staff because everyone can see who is working on the issue, what has been completed and what the next steps are.


Midland and AccessE11 are streamlining staff workflow and improving customer service – together.

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Dunnett, Sales Director, Canada
t: +1 613 454 5819

AccessE11 is a state-of-the-art Municipal 311, Citizen Issue & Relationship Management solution for local governments.  It was designed to provide municipalities a cost effective means to manage citizen issues using modern technology in order to simplify information exchange, improve productivity, reduce service delivery times, and ultimately deliver better community service.
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