Effortlessly Manage Your Municipalities Parks and Recreation Services

Ditch the paper trail and adopt a digital solution for all of your departmental needs

Make handwritten requests a thing of the past

AccessE11 is a cloud based solution allowing service requests, park rentals, and asset management to all be dealt with digitally, eliminating the need for handwritten requests that can get lost in the shuffle.

Manage parks and facilities with ease

Every municipality knows what it’s like to double book a facility rental. Or to lose track of an important service request made by a citizen. Mistakes can cost money, and consequently can begin to erode the trust of your citizens.

Having a solution like AccessE11 means that nothing falls through the cracks. Every citizen request, issue complaint, or facility booking form are instantly logged in the system, further ensuring that every member of staff is aware of it the moment it’s created. With real time updates and a centralized system providing instant access to every interaction, you can deal with matters before they become a serious issue.

Integrate with existing systems to manage your assets

Keeping track of your assets is your number one priority, and it should be the priority of your software solution as well. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to juggle multiple programs at once, hoping that they’re all up to date. Then being forced to make changes in both manually.

AccessE11 offers an open API for flexible, real time integrations with any existing software that your department uses. In addition, there are pre-built integrations to ESRI ArcGIS, and other commonly used 3rd party systems to get started quickly.

“Making the Case for Access E11”

The team at Access E11 stood out amongst the crowd by going above and beyond to make the transition and implementation painless and efficient.

Jason L - Business Systems Analyst


Create a flexible, satisfied, and motivated team

In our increasingly digital world, flexible work arrangements are now a key consideration for creating a workforce that feels supported. Whether for staff working from home, or field staff using the AccessE11 mobile app, flexibility fosters a team that is not only more satisfied, but also more productive. Because it’s a fully cloud based system, AccessE11 is securely accessible wherever internet is available.

Furthermore, with the mobile app, field staff learn of new assignment details and post updates in real-time. This saves time wasted commuting to and from an office. Robust, role-based permissions also ensure platform suitability where contractors are involved in service delivery.

Utilize photo updates to provide the most important information

Being able to update while out in the field is one of the most effective ways to increase efficiencies within your department. Instead, AccessE11 takes it a step further. With the mobile app, field workers can create photo updates for any service requests they’re working on.

Being able to update a service request with photos saves the field worker the task of describing everything. It also lets office staff see what they see. The result is a more clear insight into all the cases being worked on.

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