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What is AccessE11?

AccessE11 revolutionizes citizen issue management and service delivery for smaller municipalities. With AccessE11, whenever a staff member receives an issue, in less than 30 seconds they can create a case for the citizen with the job’s description, location and priority level, and then assign it to one or more staff members to resolve. AccessE11 does the rest:

  • Automatically emails notifications to the citizen and staff
  • Gives a dashboard view to track the job’s progress
  • Provides administrators with robust but simple reporting

Strengthen Your Community

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Who in the Municipality do we help?

Priced to fit a small municipality’s budget, AccessE11 brings simplicity, reduced administration, informed decision making and improved compliance to 3 specific areas of focus within rural communities and smaller municipalities.

Citizen Services:  Complaint and issues management.


Job Management:  Job assignment, tracking and reporting.

Administrative Services:  Report compliance, informed decision making, and personalized citizen engagement.


About Us

Who We Are

AccessE11 is a division of Netfore Systems Inc. Over the last 7 years, NetFore has developed world class software solutions for political parties, not-for-profit organizations, private sector companies, and government agencies.

We were inspired to create AccessE11 – a fully hosted software solution – to help meet the needs of our local communities.

Our Mission

AccessE11 is focused on building a powerful and affordable software solution for smaller municipalities, providing access to current technology that simplifies information exchange, improves productivity, reduces service delivery times, and ultimately results in better community service.

Our Vision

To ensure that smaller municipalities can afford to adopt innovative technologies that serve their citizens while lessening administrative burdens.