Our Story

The concept for AccessE11 was formed through many conversations with elected officials, town managers and their staff.   They provided us with consistent feedback that they lacked the right set of tools to effectively manage the concerns of their citizens.   They were looking for a solution simple enough to be quickly embraced by both staff and residents, while still providing the modern, fully featured but fairly priced digital tools they needed to serve their communities.


About Us

AccessE11 was developed by NetFore Systems, a company founded in 2010.  Having worked together at other software companies for more than a decade, the early team were completely aligned on the guiding principles for their new venture from the outset – to build a sustainable business with satisfied customers, and to employ and nurture a team of passionate professionals that are genuinely valued as full participants in the company’s success. These values have stood the test of time and they continue to guide every aspect of company behaviour today.


The Product Journey

We created AccessE11 to respond to the needs of local government wanting to streamline 311 and citizen issue management.  We are committed to solving this one problem really, really well. We see this as an opportunity and are particularly excited about helping small to mid-sized municipalities deliver excellent citizen service without requiring “big city” budgets.

Acknowledged among the 10 fastest growing companies in Ottawa on multiple occasions, and twice recognized in the top 100 of Canadian Business’s Profit 500 list, our approach has proven popular.  We enjoyed early product traction with elected officials looking to manage constituent issues and quickly expanded the solution to include the features that municipalities and local governments needed to provide the same support to their residents.

Today, AccessE11 has been adopted by well over 100 customers, with more the 2000 users and 40M residents in the database; we are convinced we are on the right path.


Not that the journey is done … we continue to invest and expand, always with an ear for our customers’ feedback on how to make their jobs easier or improve service to their citizens.


Our team is always at your service, and we hope you’ll consider using AccessE11.

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