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An Affordable Solution to Streamline Service Request Management

AccessE11™ is a municipal government software that was created with one goal in mind. To help small and medium sized municipalities streamline service request management, in a way that is both achievable and affordable. It is a platform that is very easy to adopt, adapt and extend as needs evolve. And also one that unifies processes and visibility across multiple departments, ensuring full documentation of every single request and very simple reporting to council, citizens, and other stakeholders.

Create a Better Informed and More Engaged Community

The mandate for any local government is to achieve the best possible outcomes for the citizens and businesses they serve. But to achieve these outcomes, citizens need visibility into the issues they care about and to feel like they have a say in what happens in their community. Communication and transparency are key to building the trust and engagement that ultimately results in better functioning communities for everyone.


AccessE11 uniquely combines rich CRM features with service request management, ensuring that internal decisions consider citizen concerns and communication happens automatically. This also includes on-line support for reporting and tracking issues. Additionally, automated acknowledgement of issue receipt and updates continue through to resolution. If additional transparency is a goal, on-line options exist to publicly share the information you choose on all issues the municipality is working on. And where you require targeted outbound communications to groups of citizens, AccessE11 handles that too.

Provide the Tools that Let Your Staff Work Smarter - Not Harder


In today’s digital world, outdated tools and processes place an unnecessary burden on staff. Important conversations must be documented, files must be kept on hand, and information needs to flow seamlessly. Consequently, adopting a centralized system that captures the details of every interaction, and shares these details with the right people automatically, means every conversation is backed by reliable data.



AccessE11 is a municipal government software solution that takes the guesswork out of service requests. Flexible, category-specific intake templates ensure complete and consistent data entry. Additionally, automated staff assignment gets the right staff working on resolution with context on the request. Personalized dashboards also provide staff at all levels with clear, up to date visibility of task priorities, status, and due dates. With AccessE11, staff will feel supported, and productivity will benefit, leaving more time to focus on what’s important. Helping local residents.


“If you’re looking for a tool to track work requests, easily manage, easy to setup, capture service data, and that has the right innovations to make sure your organizations looks good and is responsive, I would not hesitate to jump with AccessE11. Has really worked well for us.”


Chief Administrative Officer

Benchmark Performance Across the Organization

In any organization, innovation and improvement are hindered without an easy means to measure the effectiveness of existing processes. For someone who is responsible for overseeing local government administration, this is critical to understanding the internal issues that are creating avoidable expenses and sub-optimal service, and to get on with the task of making things better. The insight this creates also serves to clarify objectives for staff and communicate expectations to council and the public.


AccessE11 makes it simple to understand historical performance for any department. This not only helps to identify bottlenecks, it also supports the creation of appropriate SLAs for each issue type and automated tracking and reporting against these.

Support Decisions and Recommendations with Reliable Data

Confidence while making important decisions is necessary in any organization. And for any decision, stakeholders must understand why it was made and what evidence exists to support it.


AccessE11 is a software solution with data capture and consolidation baked right into the service request process. Rich, customizable dashboards make it easy to visualize data of interest at any time. With a single click, generate comprehensive reports containing up-to-date information and distribute electronically to council, other staff, citizens, or any other stakeholder with a need to know.

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