Prioritizing Service Excellence

Prioritizing Service Excellence

Last week my two-year old car broke down and I had it towed directly to my dealership because I was advised by the service department that they would be able to diagnose the problem right away.  In the meantime, I rented a car at my personal expense and waited for a call from the dealership on the status of my car being fixed.  To my surprise it took a full week and numerous calls on my part before I finally got the news about the repair;  I did not receive a single call from the dealership. In the end my car was fixed and while the costs of the repairs were inline with my expectations, their customer service was clearly not. This situation got me seriously thinking about how unappreciated I felt as a long-term faithful customer.

Similarly, I recently sent a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to my local municipality for an outstanding issue regarding my property. The cost to file the form was only $5 and once again my disappointment was not with the cost but rather the inconvenience.  It took 20 minutes to drive to town hall, 15 minutes waiting in the customer service line and another 20 minutes to drive back. All in all, an hour out of my workday, which could have been a 5-minute fix by completing and submitting the form online. This was not an option and again got me thinking about the importance of customer service and what organizations are (or rather are not) doing to accommodate their customers.

And so, I ask of you a few fundamentals questions.

Are you putting yourself in the shoes of your customers? Are you looking at your processes and the ways in which you can make things easier for your customers? Do you even value your customers? Is providing quality customer service a priority and important to your organization?

If not, then you need to seriously consider making customer service excellence a priority.

At AccessE11, we are focused on “the customer” and we believe that customers should be your No. #1 priority.  Our easy to use, off-the-shelf citizen issues and management software significantly advances the improvement of services for your customers.

We are working with public and private sector organizations from across Canada to streamline processes, increase employee accountability and enhance customer service responsiveness. We know that there are many steps in processes that can not and will not change anything and in many cases, this is often as a result of outdated or old inherited processes that have never been revisited or updated for years.

AccessE11 is an affordable software solution that improves efficiency by providing a centralized solution for all of your issues, so employees can quickly respond to customer concerns, issues or complaints.

Contact us today 1.833.613.4311 to see how AccessE11 can be of benefit to your organization.

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